“Great Jolly boy” S.V.Ramani interview in “Raj TV” on 15-2-2011 about Indian culture.
S.V.Ramani during his interview in “Raj TV” News channel on
15-5-2011 has explained about Indian Culture, and told during the invasion of Afghan emperors, the Hindu Temples in India were ransacked and the God ideals were buried under the steps of Masjids in Delhi.

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

How Navagraha Gods got relived from their imprecation?

How Navagraha Gods got relived from their imprecation?

தங்கள் சாபம் நீங்க நவக்கிரக தேவதைகள் எங்கு சிவனையும், பார்வதியையும் பூஜித்து சாபம் நீங்கப் பெற்றார்கள்.?

Invoking the Lord in the form of planetary deities is one of the ways Hindus worship God. Nine heavenly bodies – the Navagrahas – are recognized as having a significant influence on the lives of individuals. They consist of Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Sukra (Venus), Sani (Saturn), Rahu (northern node of the Moon), and Ketu (southern node of the Moon). Worshipping them is a way to bring peace and harmony in one’s life and avert mishaps. Each of them confers a particular benefit upon the worshipper.

Hindus view the Navagrahas as playing a significant role in the life of an individual. May the Sun give us long life and good health; the Moon, pure fame; the son of the Earth (Mars), charisma and prosperity; the son of the Moon (Mercury), intelligence; Jupiter, respectability; the one possessed of the qualities of a poet (Venus), the capacity for unsurpassed and melodious speech; the one of slow gait (Saturn), continual joy and pleasure; Rahu, strength and the destruction of enemies; and Ketu, growth of the family. While the positions of the various planets at the time of one’s birth determine the life pattern destined at birth, the destined events can be changed through specific prayers (shaantis) offered to the planetary deities.

I am going to tell you thro this video, the story of Navagraha Gods who were relieved of from their curse by worshipping Lord Siva and Parvathi in Suryanar koil.

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