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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jayalalithaa said to AIADMK cadres to “keep away from the betrayers”.

Jayalalithaa said to AIADMK cadres to “keep away from the betrayers”.

தலைமை மீது சந்தேகம் வரும் அளவுக்கு பேசுபவர்களுக்கு மன்னிப்பே கிடையாது. பொதுக்குழுவில் அதிமுக பொதுச்செயலர் செல்வி ஜெயலலிதா.

AIADMK supremo and chief minister J Jayalalithaa on Friday 30-12-2011 said there was no question of readmitting her erstwhile close associate Sasikalaa Natarajan and her relatives, back to the party.

Jayalalithaa’s remarks came at the AIADMK executive and general council meetings held close to her meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his recent two-day visit to Tamil Nadu. Significantly she did not launch any attack on the Prime Minister and none of the 25 resolutions passed at the AIADMK’s high-level meetings made any reference to Kudankulam nuclear power project that the state wants to go slow on till public fears over safety are allayed.

The resolutions among other things, reaffirmed faith in the leadership of Jayalalithaa, criticized the Centre for not allocating additional funds to Tamil Nadu and demanded that the UPA government publish the Cauvery Water Tribunal’s award in the government gazette.

Strongly indicating that there will not be any rapprochement with Sasikalaa, Jayalalithaa denounced some of the expelled people for indulging in a propaganda that they will gain re-entry into the party with their clout “They are also threatening some of the cadres that they would take revenge after coming back to the party if they develop enmity against them. There will be no pardon for such people,” Jayalalithaa said reiterating her warning to the cadres to “keep away from the betrayers”. Those who listen to the betrayers would not be excused, she added.

Jayalalithaa made a distinction between the party members. “Some partymen commit mistakes and crimes and hence on disciplinary grounds they are thrown out of the party. Once out of the party, a few realize their mistakes and quit politics satisfied with what they have. A few others join another party. There is nothing wrong in that. But some others who have been thrown out of the party for betrayal are in touch with our party and threatening partymen,” she pointed out alluding to Sasikalaa and her family members.

A party source said all the speakers at the general council meeting reaffirmed their loyalty and indirectly attacked the sacked people. “A state minister said that Amma had created Vinayaka idol using cow dung and we all offered pooja. But now, after she discarded the idol, it was only cow dung,” Almost all the members attended the meet.

Jayalalithaa gave guidelines to the general council members. “The government should be corruptionfree and partymen should lead a simple and honest life. You should be approachable to the cadres and the people. You should avoid grandeur. Only then unlike DMK, we can have a clean government and sustain power,” she noted.

Jayalalithaa cautioned that the “mistakes and betrayals committed by us will spoil our sleep and our conscience will kill us. Hence we should not indulge in any such act. Only then the party will rise to greater heights. Only clean administration will ensure the sustainability of the party.”

It is our words: Party cadres must remember loyality is worth more than money.

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