“Great Jolly boy” S.V.Ramani interview in “Raj TV” on 15-2-2011 about Indian culture.
S.V.Ramani during his interview in “Raj TV” News channel on
15-5-2011 has explained about Indian Culture, and told during the invasion of Afghan emperors, the Hindu Temples in India were ransacked and the God ideals were buried under the steps of Masjids in Delhi.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blow God Sri Ranganathar and Thillai Nataraj with cannon was the Dravidian party’s slogan.

Blow God Sri Ranganathar and Thillai Nataraj with cannon was the Dravidian party’s slogan.

சீரங்க நாதரையும் தில்லை நடராசரையும்

பீரங்கி வைத்துப் பிளப்பதுவும் எக்காலம்?

ஏரோட்டும் மக்களெல்லாம் ஏங்கித் தவிக்கையிலே

தேரோட்டம் ஏன் உனக்குத் தியாகராசா?

In those days the Dravidian parties grow in Tamil Nadu with the communalism as their party principle. This was revealed by Kavignar Kannadasan in his book “Vana Vasam”. He says the leaders want to utilize the people for their selfish motives, but they will definitely have no mind in solving people’s problem. Kavignar says he realized this truth after closely moving with them.

The Dravidian party leaders will talk one thing in the stage and after getting down they will follow their own principles. The party volunteers are innocently demonstrating with flags and they are only the victims for giving their life by the attack of police. Kannadasan sympathized with the party workers who gave their life believing their leaders are having good conduct. Kannadasan also say if the party workers stay with their leaders for four nights they will definitely leave the party and run away.

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