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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Charges of Cash distribution in Tamil Nadu by election, what Anna told is happening to-day.

Charges of Cash distribution in Tamil Nadu by election, what Anna told is happening to-day.

Kindly hear speeches of Arignar Anna.

We have already stated, that No By-elections needed in Tamil Nadu with misuse of Power, money and Rowdies.” Arignar Anna, Advaniji and other leaders already told that Democracy will only survive if all parties follow the moral codes of the Indian Republic.

But it is really happening in Tamilnadu By-electios and

Chennai Sunday Times in its issue dated 16-8-2009 stated,Coimbatore: With just three days left for the by-elections to five Assembly constituencies, widespread allegations of distribution of cash to voters have surfaced in Thondamuthur constituency in Coimbatore district.

As charges of cash distribution peaked on Friday morning, cadres of Kongunadu Munnetra Kazhagam besieged a vehicle carrying DMK cadres, who they claimed were distributing Rs 200 each to the voters at Poluvampatti village within the constituency.

Police arrested four Kongunadu Munnetra Kazhagam cadres for allegedly assaulting the DMK cadres, deflating the tyres of their jeep and damaging the windshields.

Meanwhile, a voter of the Molapalayam village, Shanmugasundaram lodged a police complaint that six DMK cadres offered him Rs 200 tucked inside a brown envelope.

Video tapes purportedly showing distribution of cash to voters were also handed over to the police. “We have registered a case against six DMK cadres from Namakkal for allegedly bribing voters,” said police inspector P Vaithilingam.

All the six DMK cadres, S Thennavan, K Balasubramaniam, D Raja, C Manoharan, D Suresh and jeep driver Siva are from Kolli hills in Namakkal district.

The byelection to Thondamuthur in western Tamil Nadu is witnessing a highstake battle as the DMK-Congress combine came a cropper in the recent Parliamentary elections.

The DMK has allotted the seat to its ally Congress, which is facing a tough fight from the Kongunadu Munnetra Kazhagam, which made considerable inroads
into the dominant Gounder votebank in western Tamil Nadu in the recent Parliamentary elections.

Amid a keen tussle between the Congress candidate, MN Kandasamy, and the Kongunadu Munnetra Kazhagam, R Easwaran, several voters in Thondamuthur received a surprise package at their doorsteps on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Reports said two soiled hundred rupee notes inside a 6.5 x 4 inch brown envelopes were left at the doorstep of the voters. In households where the voters were available, the envelopes were handed over as booth slips.

Kongunadu Munnetra Kazhagam leader ‘Best’ Ramasamy charged that those who bribed the voters went scot-free while four of his party cadres, Pathia Gounder, K Selvaraj, K Thangaraj and Vairavel, were arrested. “With such blatant distribution of cash, it is only right that the AIADMK decided to boycott the bypolls,”

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