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S.V.Ramani during his interview in “Raj TV” News channel on
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

It is a disgrace for making lewd comments on popular Cine singer Chinmayee and offenders to be punished.

It is a disgrace for making lewd comments on popular Cine singer Chinmayee and offenders to be punished.   

திரைப்பட பாடகி சின்மயி தன்னை கேவலமாக விமர்சனம் செய்பவர்களை கைது செய்ய போலீசில் புகார் மனு அளித்திருக்கிறார்.

Popular playback singer and compeer for television programs, Chinmayi appeared in Police Commissioner’s office 18-10-2012 morning along with her mother Padmasini.  There, Chinmayi presented two complaint petitions.  In one petition, Chinmayi mentioned:-

‘Individual named Gajendra Kumar needs to pay me Rs 12 lakhs.  Although he has been given reminders, he is delaying repayment.  So, action should be initiated such that the due amount is got back.’

In another complaint petition, Chinmayi said:-

‘There are obscene photographs of myself in Twitter and also related lewd comments.  Totally six people are accomplices for this dirty act.  There is involvement of a professor in this.  Police should initiate action against those involved.’

Then Chinmayi spoke to reporters:-

‘Of late, trend is such that popular icons in politics and cine celebrities are targeted and are being pictured in derogatory manner.  Including our Prime Minister, other noted icons are being pictured in derogatory manner.’

‘Due to this, affected people including me undergo mental stress.  But those people have not abstained from such dirty acts.’

‘Particularly a gang of six people is involved in activities such that it hurts women’s sentiments.  Every time I reach peak of fame, they make derogatory comments.  I have given details regarding the people to the commissioner.’

‘I have related my plight in Facebook.  So, police should find out the culprits involved in such pervert acts and punish them’ said Chinmayi. Chinmayi’s mother Padmasini said ‘Chinmayi has progressed out of support from fans and common

It is a disgrace for making lewd comments on popular Cine singer Chinmayee and offenders to be punished. Police Department must take stringent action against the gang of six people involved in these activities.  

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