“Great Jolly boy” S.V.Ramani interview in “Raj TV” on 15-2-2011 about Indian culture.
S.V.Ramani during his interview in “Raj TV” News channel on
15-5-2011 has explained about Indian Culture, and told during the invasion of Afghan emperors, the Hindu Temples in India were ransacked and the God ideals were buried under the steps of Masjids in Delhi.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In the name of Islamic religion Pakistan was created on the same policy India to be called as Hindustan.

In the name of Islamic religion Pakistan was created on the same policy India to be called as Hindustan.

மதத்தால் பிரிந்த இந்திய நாட்டின் ஒரு பகுதி பாகிஸ்தான் என்று அழைக்கப்படும்போது, மற்றொரு பகுதியை இந்துஸ்தான் என்று அழைப்பதில் என்ன தவறு?

During 2003” Solai” a journalist has written an essay in a magazine stating that India will become a Hindu Raj within two years. All the people throughout the world knows, in the name of religion India was divided.

I was wondering why Solai was writing like this when India is based on the Hindu culture and a different way of life different from other religions and why it cannot be called as Hindustan like Pakistan. If India becomes a Muslim or Christian country only we have to worry. To give a reply to Solai, I have written an essay in “Engal Baratham” Magazine during March 2003. Now I have narrated that reply in Tamil thro “you Tube” video.

After partition of India, 80% Hindu Temple, Ashrams, Shrines, and Religious Institutions have already been captured by Muslims in Pakistan and in Pakistan amounts only 2% Hindu population now a days against its 16% Hindu population in 1947, at the time of partition.

In India this is different the Muslim and Christian people population here are enjoying all facilities and increasing day by day. Like that the Christian invaders have constructed Churches in India and going on converting Hindus to Christianity. The Muslims rulers like The Moghal King Aurangazeb destroyed the temple of Vishnu and then razed to the ground a shrine at Mathura and on its site built a mosque. In India Muslims and Christians were placed in a better position when compared to the Hindus in Pakistan.

In India our Indian leaders itself standing, against the Hindu culture and religion. ‘Periyar’ E V Ramasamy launched one of his numerous agitations in the early 1950s against religion and attendant superstitions by breaking idols of Lord Ganesha. During M Karunanidhi's earlier term as chief minister in 1989-90, DK men attacked Brahmins and cut their sacred threads.

Because of people like “Solai” wrong interpretation were created on Hindus to spoil the whole Indian culture and community. The sages and poets in India have only preached the sense of unity love and moral habits as Indian culture. India has been a cultural unit on account of all-embracing religions.

Pakistan was created on Islamic religious grounds, and on the same policy India to be called as Hindustan. Hindus never hate any religion and all other religions are well growing in India.

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