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S.V.Ramani during his interview in “Raj TV” News channel on
15-5-2011 has explained about Indian Culture, and told during the invasion of Afghan emperors, the Hindu Temples in India were ransacked and the God ideals were buried under the steps of Masjids in Delhi.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ibrahim Rowther says his friend Vijayakanth spoiled the decorum of the worshipful Assembly.

Ibrahim Rowther says his friend Vijayakanth spoiled the decorum of the worshipful Assembly.

மாண்புமிகு மன்றத்துல அவர் நடந்துக்கிட்டது ரொம்ப அசிங்கம்.

After a fiery exchange of words between chief minister J Jayalalithaa and leader of opposition Vijayakanth in the Tamil Nadu assembly, around 1,000 DMDK functionaries and workers, including the actor-politician's close friend Ibrahim Rowther joined the ruling AIADMK on Tuesday 7-2-2012.

Rowther, was not only a close friend, was also a producer who was instrumental in promoting and producing many of Vijayakanth’s films. “The hope with which you have joined the AIADMK will not go waste,” was how Jayalalithaa greeted the new joiners and assured that the new members will help in strengthening the AIADMK. She distributed membership cards to the DMDK functionaries and workers. Among the joiners also include DMDK election wing secretary K Jagaveerapandian and medical wing secretary Dr Pari.

It may be recalled that Jayalalithaa in the Assembly last week had expressed regret for having aligned with the DMDK and termed Vijayakanth’s behaviour “obnoxious”. She had said that she was not inclined for an alliance for the April 2011 Assembly election, but gave in because of pressures from the party. His behaviour was referred to the Privilege Committee and subsequently Vijayakant was banned from the Assembly for 10 days, which will go on till the next session of the Assembly.

We are now telling about, what Ibrahim Rowther friend of Vijayakanth has told to the News magazine “Junior Vikatan” in his interview.He says Vijayakanth spoiked the decorum of the worshipful Assembly. This was published in Junior Vikatan issue dated 15-2-2012.

Let us wait and see, whether Vijayakanth will reply for Ibrahim Rowther?

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